03CIT4015 Open System Administration

Programme Code HDPCSSND
Programme Name Higher Diploma in Computer Studies

(Software and Network Development)

Year 2016-17, Semester 2
Subject Code & Title 03CIT4015(16-17, S2) Open System Administration
Lecturer Name Stephen NG
Contact Email StephenSir@gmail.com
Wk Date Topics Assignment / Test
1 Linux introduction Classwork/Assignment
2 GNU & Unix commands I Classwork/Assignment
3 GNU & Unix commands II Classwork/Assignment
4 Hardware & Filesystems Classwork/Assignment
5 Account Management and LAMP Server Classwork/Assignment
6 Permission and Link Classwork/Assignment
7 Boot, initialization, shutdown, and runlevels Classwork/Assignment
8 Shells, scripting, programming, and compiling Classwork/Assignment
9 System Log and Cron Job Classwork/Assignment

Test (20%)

10 Networking fundamentals Classwork/Assignment
11 Server I(Apache & NFS) Classwork/Assignment
12 Server II

(TCP Wrapper, Samba, CUPS)

13 Server Security + SSH Classwork/Assignment
14 Revision  
15 TBC Examination